Dont Knock It Until You Try It – S26:E1

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Kira Perez sits on the couch, watching her stepbrother, Ethan Seeks, talking to his girlfriend on the phone. The call ends and Kira asks if Ethan has ever thought about cheating. Ethan misses the meaning behind her question. Why would he do that? He finally admits he’s thought about it but he’s afraid of getting caught. His confession doesn’t faze Kira. She scans the room before leaning towards Ethan as she tries to convince him to give cheating a try, obviously with her.Kira’s eyes lock onto Ethan’s, and she flashes a sultry smile. As she speaks, her voice is low and hypnotic. Ethan can’t help but feel drawn to her as she uses her looks to manipulate him. It’s not long before Kira has talked Ethan into a kiss that turns into a blowjob. She sucks him down, palming his balls and stroking the root.Getting to her feet, Kira shimmies out of her shorts and then sinks down on Ethan’s cock to ride him in cowgirl. Turning around, she spreads herself wide open to enjoy a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Kira falls to her side so Ethan can dive deep as he spoons behind her. After she sucks her own juices from her stepbro’s fuck stick, Kira turns around so he can go to pound town in doggy. Once Ethan has jerked himself off to give Kira a cum shot in her mouth and all over her face, they agree that cheating is a lot of fun.