Oral Fixation – S5:E10

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Zoe Bloom has a bit of an oral fixation and a thing for her hot stepbrother. She makes sure that her bro knows she’s interested as she walks around sucking things and lingers over him while checking him out after she walks in on him in the bathroom. When her overtures don’t get Zoe the result she’s after, she decides to just take the straightforward approach. Her stepbro wakes up one day to find Zoe in bed with him sucking off his morning wood!Despite her brother’s protests, Zoe refuses to give up his cock now that she’s got what she wants. She urges her bro to escalate things even further. Eventually he agrees after Zoe gets on her hands and knees and wiggles that ass in invitation. Flipping his sister onto her back, he takes her to the tune of her loud moans of ecstasy.Zoe didn’t just imagine one position when she fantasized about her brother, so she gets back on her hands and knees so he can do her doggy style. Then she rides his dick in cowgirl before switching to reverse cowgirl. That position is the perfect way to get her stepbrother off since he can admire the way Zoe’s bubble butt jiggles. Putting Zoe back on her knees, her bro cums in her pussy for a creampie that leaves them both satisfied. Now that he’s had his sister once, Zoe’s stepbro wants to make sure she feels free to suck him off again any time.