My Best Friends Mom – S2:E8

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Amber Chase has wanted her son’s friend since the moment she laid eyes on him. She gets her opportunity for seduction when the friend shows up early for a study session with her son. Sensing that it’s her chance, she suggests that the friend could focus better if he relaxes, and what better way to do that than a massage? After he agrees, the friend lets Amber lead him to her bedroom where she sits on his butt while rubbing his sore muscles.When the friend turns around to look over his shoulder, he realizes that Amber has pulled her big boobs out. She convinces him to let her keep going, but eventually asks him to turn over. That inevitably leads her to making a move on his crotch, stroking him to hardness. Once Amber has consent, she pulls out her new lover’s fuck stick to start stroking and sucking as she works to massage the cum right out of him.This hot mom is not totally selfless. In return for a hot and wild fuck, she expects to get some orgasms in return. Her son’s friend is happy to oblige, letting her start by riding his stiffie and then get onto her hands and knees so he can bang her doggy style. When Amber has had enough, she puts her giant knockers together so her kid’s friend can titty fuck her to climax. Now that they’ve enjoyed some mutual satisfaction, Amber suggests that her son’s friend get back to his studies.