July 2022 Flavor Of The Month Alyx Star – S2:E12

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Alyx Star wants her stepbrother Nathan Bronson’s dick, and she’s not about to be subtle about it. She also wants it to be memorable, so she struts up to Nathan and announces that she wants him to cum inside of her during the fireworks finale while their parents are distracted. In response, Nathan spits water at her. It lands all over her shirt, making it see through so that Alyx’s nipples are poking out. Nathan apologizes, and Alyx tells him that it’s fine as long as she gets his cock.Later, Nathan steps out of the shower wearing just a towel and carefully looks around. What he doesn’t know is that his stepsister is decked out in a set of sexy red lingerie waiting for him. He turns the corner only to come face to boobs with his stepsis. Guiding a befuddled Nathan to the couch, Alyx tells him that she wants his cum on her tits later, but for now she wants it inside her. Nathan tries to play it off that she won’t like his dick, but once she lays eyes on that man meat Alyx makes it clear that she likes it a whole lot. A second later, she is gobbling that hardon down in an enthusiastic blow job that includes plenty of ball play and a titty fuck.How can Nathan resist in the face of such a determined seduction? He begins his capitulation by feasting on Alyx’s creamy twat, then getting on his knees between her thighs and shoving his dick into her. Alyx gets on her knees so Nathan can take her from behind. Then has him take a seat so she can ride him in cowgirl as he suckles her nipples and palms those big titties. Rolling onto her side, Alyx lifts one leg so Nathan can come into her from behind for some spooning sex. Then she re-mounts him in reverse cowgirl. She’s determined to keep bouncing away until Nathan gives her the cum she so craves. It’s not long before Nathan gives in and fills his stepsister’s hairy twat with the creampie she desires more than anything.